"I know a lot of folks that dream of becoming full-time musicians, but making the step from an established career to the stage is an almost insurmountable hurdle. Jeff Strahan did just that, giving up his day job as a trial lawyer and immersing himself in the wonderful world of Texas blues rock. After listening to his ninth record, you will find that he is dead serious about his craft and that his love of music led him in the right direction. ...Monkey Around is certainly a good showcase of Jeff Strahan’s many talents, but it is also a really good album with not a bad track to be found. If you like blues/rock/folk music, do yourself a favor and give it a listen! 
Rex Bartholomew, Blues Blast Magazine (Nov 29, 2013)

 "Strahan’s music is southern rock, blues, folk and more all rolled into one. If the Marshall Tucker Band had come from Lubbock, Texas instead of South Carolina, they might have sounded a lot like this. From the blistering guitar to the laid back lyrics, the music oozes Texas and sounds mighty fine. If you are looking for some great blues influenced rock done up hot and spicy Texas-styled, you need look no further. And if you are a fan of big guitar solos and a band that can jam with the best of them, this will make your day."
- Steve Jones, Blues Blast Magazine (Apr 04, 2013)

"...Jeff Strahan band gave the Bradfordville Blues Club one of the rawest shows it’s seen in a while...Strahan was obviously the focus of the show, but he didn’t hog too much of the spotlight. He let his power trio blend their sound well into the night, leaving the crowd begging for more after a two-hour plus set. His guitar playing was soulful, yet blistering, and his keyboards served to separate him and his band from the majority of the blues bands playing today."
- Ricky Kent, FSU View & Florida Flambeau (Feb 24, 2013)

"...Strahan shows he knows his way around a slow blues, creating tension with gritty singing and volatile guitar playing...a rewarding project that should garner more attention for the multi-talented Jeff Strahan."
- Mark Thompson, Blues Blast Magazine (Oct 12, 2012)

“Next Up, Jeff Strahan, he's out of Texas, he has got some stuff going on with his guitar and his hammond b-3. This guy is a scorcher!”
- Ray Randal, Americana Roots Review (Jul 19, 2011)

“Whether working out on Fender Stratocaster, organ or piano, Jeff Strahan knows how to boogie, how to kick out blues/rock and how to soulfully move from uptempo booty shakers to thoughtful ballads. It all comes together on Strahan's Walt Wilkins-produced CD “Wayward Son.”
- Jim Beale, Jr., San Antonio Express News (Mar 27, 2011)

“...Jeff masters the Stratocaster along with the best of them and does equally well playing keys. . . When asked to describe his music he calls it “Music that doesn’t suck." A blend of soulful-country-blues-rock-and folk.” Most people will agree - it doesn’t suck. It’s even pretty good. In some instances, real good. [H]e makes music full time, playing all over Texas, with frequent tours to other parts of the United States, combining his stage training from law school with his natural ability to connect with the audience. Throw in a thirst for writing songs that he can play in front of people, a spirituality that has guided him his whole life, and the intelligence to make it all come together, and you’ve got an Americana act that translates around the globe.”
- Tracie Ferguson, Talent Buyer, Gruene Hall, (Apr 04, 2011)

“Being the Director of Promotions and Entertainment Coordinator for the region's premier Blues venue means I get to hear all of the best touring acts. Jeff Strahan was one of the biggest, most soul-filling surprises we've had in a long time. He's a masterful poet and one hell of a shredder, both on guitar and keys.”

- Honey Sepeda, Blues & Greens, Boulder, CO (Oct 15, 2010)

"...As a guitar player, Jeff sports a compact, rhythmic style, not really derivative of anyone – it’s his own. Near the end of his set, just when you might start to wonder if any blues classics might show up, he pulls out his version of “Texas Flood”, the now famous tune of L.C. Davis and J. W. Scott. Takes some cajones to cover that song in the state of Stevie Ray Vaughn. But Strahan handles it quite well, even adding some of his own piano twists and near the end of the song, with his guitar moaning and screaming – well, hell, I’m just going to say it: he out Buddy-Guys Stevie Ray. He’s got a fierce right hand. His piano playing is also a real treat. In a number of songs, he'll add piano solos at the end of his guitar solo, then play guitar and piano simultaneously. He'll whang a quick rhythm chord and then, with just his right hand, break out a 55-gallon drum of Jerry Lee whupass on the keyboard."
- Bill Aspenwall, Texas Music Journal (July28, 2009)

“Jeff is an extremely accomplished guitarist and keyboard player, who sometime plays both simultaneously, leaving the audience wondering, ‘how can he do that? If you like music, checking out Jeff Strahan is a worthy investigation. If you like the blues, it’s a must.”
Mark Kneubuhl, San Angelo Live (Nov 03, 2007)