In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, enjoy a free download of Jeff's song "Living for Today" inspired by his beautiful sister (and breast cancer survivor) Jennifer.


"These last several months have been incredible. We have made more true friends and fans than we ever thought possible. We have developed venues across Texas and the Southwest that honestly make us feel at home. Most importantly, we have reestablished contacts with family and old friends and, in turn, rediscovered our true selves. My heart beats a little faster and happier each time I look at what lies ahead because it only gets better and better. I am truly blessed and humbled by the whole experience. I have lived and breathed music since before I can remember. There have been times in my life when I had to work at something besides music just to pay the bills and that was always a struggle for me. That struggle is over and now music has again consumed me. I have worked hard and continue to labor at perfecting my craft. I am extremely lucky because I get to share my music and my emotions with people who give back. This is who I am. Than you, thank you, thank you."~ Jeff Strahan

Review ~ Blues Wax, Blues Wax (Jan 1, 2009)
"...2008 provided a huge variety of great Blues CDs and this year's ballot reflects a nice cross-section of those releases. We would like to mention some who received many nominations, but not enough to make the final ballot. Among those were Albert Cummings; Jeff Strahan's Ament to the Blues..."

Review ~ Americana Roots (Nov 7, 2008)
" I watched his show I began to wonder if I thought Jeff was better as a guitar player, a singer, or a keyboard player. On a number of the live tunes Jeff handles all three duties. Jeff delivers a killer live performance...Amen to the Blues, one of my favorites of the year!" ~ Don Zelazney

Review ~ Texas Music Magazine
You can hear many different influences –at times, the hot slide work of Duane Allman, (yes, Duane Allman) in “Give Me One Good Reason”, or Otis Redding, in a gospel blues ballad (“Hope and Faith”) or the Doobie Brothers, in “Everyday is a Holiday”, even, at times a little Robin Trower or Tab Benoit. You can also hear straight ahead rock, chicken funk blues, and when he plays piano, a little of the stride and barrelhouse blues of Jelly Roll Morton,  a little of the straight ahead southern rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Billy Powell and a lot of the jumping jehosephat of Jerry Lee Lewis. It all just makes for a great time.- Bill Aspenwall
Amen to the Blues (2008)

Release date: 2008
Squaw Peaks Records
Recorded/Mixed at Scooter's Place Studios, Durango, CO
Produced by Jeff Strahan
Engineered by Scott Smith
Mastered by  Scott Smith
Photography by Andy's Photography by Aspen

All songs written by Jeff Strahan

Jay Hattaway on Bass (RIP)
DC Duncan on Drums
Jeff Strahan on Guitar, Lead Vocals, Piano, B-3 and Keyboards
"This CD is a great example of how things just sometimes fall into place. It's like 'the stars all lined up' and the music flowed. Amen to the Blues is about as bluesy as I get. It's raw, unpolished and aggressive punch is an individual interpretation of what the Blues really is about: pure emotion. The past few years have been just that, emotional. They have included tears, heartache, euphoria, disappointment, epic changes, soul mates, love, laughter, hard work and extreme personal growth. A newfound peace has settled in and a new corner has been turned in my life."

Thanks To:
"The most important thanks I can give, aside from God, is to Lois Lane. She has pushed me and encouraged me and supported me way beyond the call of duty. She has done all the work behind the scenes that has led to any success we have had. She is not getting rich (yet) and she is certainly not getting all the credit she deserves. Hats off to Lois and a big round of applause because without her, none of this would be happening. And, on top of it all, she loves me. I love her too.
I also thank my children who understand the music in me and encourage me to continue pursuing this crazy dream even though it requires so much roadwork. I'm sorry I can't always be there. I'm glad you understand and I carry you in my heart everywhere I go. You define "unconditional love."

Thanks to all the great players who have been a part of this experience. Poodie Locke for his guidance, assistance and understanding. Allen and Elizabeth for the hospitality and friendship. My family (grandmother, parents, sister, brother, cousins, in-laws, etc.). San Angelo Blues Society, Texas Renegade, music lovers, Jay Hataway and D.C. Duncan, Curt Mangan Strings, Main Street Music, Aztec, NM, Guitar Centers everywhere. We have No Regrets."
~ Jeff Strahan